Premium 1 Ply


Premium White 1 Ply Toilet Paper

  • 1 Ply toilet paper
  • 48 unwrapped rolls in a pack
  • 500 Sheets per roll
  • Each sheet is 110 x 100mm in size

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Premium 1 Ply  White Toilet Paper

  • 1 Ply toilet paper.
  • 48 unwrapped rolls in a pack.
  • 500 Sheets per roll.
  • Each sheet is 110 x 100mm in size.

Premium 1 Ply rolls provide the perfect solution for public restrooms utilizing standard-roll dispensers. Soft paper is gentle on the skin. Excellent for everyday use. Premium soft 1 ply white toilet tissue has high sheet capacity at 500 sheets per roll. One ply toilet paper is the choice for bulk purchases. Suitable for use in high capacity areas such as offices, restaurants, educational and hospitality environments and of course your home.

From a cost standpoint, 1-ply usually tends to run cheaper than 2-ply. It’s not a secret that less paper layers translates to less of a cost. However many have noted that when it comes to usage, people typically use the same amount of sheets no matter the type of toilet paper they are using.

Fun Facts about toilet paper

  • Toilet paper has secondary uses such as nose care, removing makeup, covering/cleaning toilet seats, packaging material, cleaning mirrors, cleaning glasses, etc.
  • If you hang your toilet paper so you can pull it from the bottom, you’re deemed to be more intelligent than someone who hangs their toilet paper and pulls it from the top.
  • The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year (over 20,000 sheets).
  • It takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper that one person uses within his lifetime.
  • The daily production of toilet paper is estimated at just over 83,000,000 rolls per day.
  • 27,000 trees each day are wiped out in order to make toilet paper for daily use.
  • People in some parts of the world do not use toilet paper due to a lack of trees.
  • Beyonce insists on using only red toilet paper.

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Dimensions 400 × 100 × 110 cm